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A previous paper in this journal (Vol 1. pp. 127–139) described a computer programme for the planning of single-storey layouts and said it eas probable that future work would extend the programme to cover a considerable amount of the manual working-up of data then necessary. This paper describes that extension. We determine when a semigroup ring R[S] has the 2-generator property for large classes of commutative cancellative semigroups S and commutative rings R. We also give a structure theorem for Tiffany Jewelry Box certain torsion-free modules over these semigroup rings. Techniques are described for the fabrication of metal and ceramic fibers of diameter below 20 μm by a method of melt extraction. The process is containerless and has been successfully applied to reactive metals and high temperature ceramics. The properties of the fibers, where exceptional, are reviewed. This paper argues that, given the economic and technological conditions in the US electric utility industry today, priving based on short-run marginal cost is more efficient than pricing based on long-run marginal cost. The historical justifications for pricing at long-run marginal Cheap Tiffany And Co Replica cost are considered and short-run cost-based solutions suggested.