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The results of an ethnobotanical survey in the territory of Fluminimaggiore (south-western Sardinia) are presented. Sixty-five species with medicinal properties used for different pathologies, such as diseases of the skin and of the gastro-intestinal system have been recorded. An austenitic cladding layer is not normally taken into consideration in fracture mechanics calculations for reactor pressure vessels. Cladding residual stresses may, however, create additional straining of cracks. This paper describes some results of finite element calculations, which have been performed Tiffany Online Outlet in Buy Tiffany Jewelry Cheap order to establish the influence of cladding on the brittle fracture of a reactor pressure vessel. A multi-parameter family of three-step eighth-order iterative methods free from second derivatives are proposed in this paper to find a simple root of nonlinear algebraic equations. Convergence analysis as well as numerical experiments confirms the eighth-order convergence and asymptotic error constants. We present a counterexample to Krasnikov's (2002) much discussed time machine no-go result. In addition, we prove a positive statement: a time machine existence theorem under a modest “no holes” assumption.