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This paper presents the results of an analytical study of liquid metal heat transfer in fully-developed, turbulent in-line flow through unbaffled, spacer-free rod bundles. The grid is equilateral triangular, and the boundary condition is uniform heat flux at the inner surface of the cladding. Results are compared with recent experimental results on mercury. A modified method for hybridization of labeled DNA to filter-bound DNA is described. After annealing in formamide-containing solutions and washing with such solutions good hybridization efficiency and very low background values were obtained. It is not necessary to pretreat the filters with any polymer. Floating Chinese cabbage leaf discs in the presence or absence of N6-Benzyladenine did not affect the Tiffany Outlet Usa amount of AMP in the discs suggesting that at least in this system cytokinins do not inhibit the activity of a 5′(3′)-ribonucleotide phosphohydrolase. This paper establishes bounds on the uniform error in the approximation of a continuous function defined on a rectangle by polynomial product approximations. The dependence of product approximations Tiffany Infinity Ring Canada on the basis functions used for the associated polynomial spaces is investigated.